Learning to Love our own Fate.

We live our lives narrating our version of this truth to everyone we encounter. We sometimes tweak the plot to our advantage or censor it to legitimize the choices we make. In our story, we are the good ones, and they are the wrongdoers—the unjust, the selfish human beings who’ve crossed our path only to pollute it with toxicity and shame. As time goes by and as healing as this concept of event duration always proves to be, our story becomes blurry and the characters each one embodied become ob

A Writerly Curse. ~ Leila Makke

You must throw it all out—the good, the bad, the ugly, the nonsense. As you go on writing, your soul is cleansed from the toxic emotions and the biased perceptions you’ve gathered along the way. Only by embracing your vulnerability and self-sabotaged separateness to your core will you allow your soul to gradually bathe in the ultimate paradox of self-realization. A writer’s journey starts in a state of rawness to reach a refined and processed awareness. I have this piece I’m struggling to writ

In Defense of ‘Black Fruity’

On the occasion of the Parisian exploration of new oils held last month, Olio Nuovo Days, the French association Afidol organized a conference on the theme “Black Fruity.” The conference was led by Afidol president Olivier Nasles who discussed the unpopular taste of the oil known in France as Fruité Noir and the controversy surrounding its production. According to a 2008 European regulation, oils produced from ripe olives shouldn’t hold the designation ‘fruity’ as its definition doesn’t apply

French Farmers Get Outside Help to ‘Professionalize’ EVOO Production

This year’s olive harvest in France will amount to an estimated 6,000 tons, compared to last year’s catastrophic 3,200. This growth nevertheless remains problematic for the industry. The French olive plantation is barely producing 200 liters per hectare yearly. France is the fourth consumer country of olive oil in the EU and the fifth worldwide with an average annual consumption of 110,000 tons. Yet, only 4 percent of the country’s consumption comes from the French production when more than 95

Lebanese Olive Oil: Exploring Intricacies of a Sector With Potential

Irrevocably known as one of the cradles of olive growing areas, Lebanon’s ancestral heritage of olive trees along with its microclimate and fertile rain-fed soil assembles auspicious conditions for the production of high-quality olive oils. All these favorable conditions combined, Lebanon still remains a low scale producing country. This stagnation is due to many factors including the civil war aftermath and the government’s apathy towards its agricultural sector. After a raging civil war that

Au Gabriel, un goût « floral et piquant » séduit le chef Jérôme Banctel

Au Gabriel, un goût « floral et piquant » séduit le chef Jérôme Banctel L’illustre restaurant de l’hôtel particulier La Réserve, impérialement placé dans le carré d’or parisien est, depuis 2015, sublimé par la créativité disciplinée et minutieuse du chef breton Jérôme Banctel. Élevé à l’école de grands maîtres comme Bernard Pacaud et Alain Senderens, aujourd’hui, le chef doublement étoilé, élabore son propre style, mélange de son expérience et de

Parisian Exploration of New Oils Goes International

Producers from around the world and prominent figures of the olive oil market gathered on November 27 at Le Cordon Bleu Paris school for a preview of the third edition of Olio Nuovo Days (OND). The concept, initiated in 2015, aims at promoting the freshest olive oils and revealing them to the consumer by creating a direct bond between chefs, consumers and the producers. OND ‘Hémisphère Nord’ will be held on January 16-20, 2018, presenting to the public over twenty premium EVOO from ten differe

olionuovodays2017 passerini

Mounir Boussetta est le producteur et propriétaire du Domaine Segermès, situé au nord-est de la Tunisie entre le massif de Zaghouan et la plaine de Bouficha. L’oliveraie s’étend sur 300 hectares et abrite 15000 oliviers. Boussetta cultive trois variétés d’olives : Beldi, Chemlali et une variété rarissime et exceptionnelle, l’Huile Sauvage qui n’est autre que le jus de fruit de l’olivier sauvage « L’Oléastre » (arbre originaire de l’Afrique du Nord qui pousse spontanément, à l’état naturel). L’Hu

L'olio nuovo chez TABLE, "un gras délicat, évanescent, une affirmation véritable"

Toute la semaine précédent OLIO NUOVO DAYS, la journaliste Leila Makke mène l’enquête avec son regard riche de plusieurs cultures pour décrypter le parcours. En entrée, le Chef Bruno Verjus et la productrice Marina Gioacchini. #olionuovodays Une porte coulissante de verre s’ouvre devant moi et j’aperçois un homme serein, tapant sur le clavier de son Mac avec une concentration imperturbable, c’est Bruno Verjus, chef propriétaire de Table, un restaurant pas comme les autres. Avant de remarquer...

A Culinary Exploration of New Oils in Paris

Olio Nuovo Days (OND), a biannual gastronomic event, is a gleaming concept that’s been raising interest among olive oil aficionados and producers. It was founded in 2015 by Emmanuelle Dechelette, a lover of culinary art and a passionate businesswoman, who came up with the original idea as a way to announce and bring to public attention the newest harvests of the Liquid Gold. In today’s bustling markets, many consumers are confused about which olive oil to choose and on which characteristics to